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Welcome to BrandSpark’s blog Insights & Ideas where we aim to inspire you to think in new ways about brand strategy, marketing ROI and innovation.

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Kim’s Corner: Top 5 New Products from the list of 2016 Best New Product Awards USA entries

خيار ثنائي البرمجيات تجارة السيارات Oct 09, 2015 by BrandSpark

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superoptions com Kim Diamond and the Shopper Army   From Yoplait Plenti to Bounty with Dawn, these five 2016 Best New Product Awards are innovations that are attracting attention.  Best New Product Awards (BNPA) for the USA are back and better than ever in their 8th year! They identify uniquely innovative products that stand as the best of the best in the highly competitive CPG market. As the BNPA’s senior program director, I get to work alongside the incredibly talented marketers behind these new products. I also get to peek at which products are gaining traction during the nomination process. And now, so do you! I’ll be sharing some of the entries from among the BNPA nominees, focusing on products with interesting innovations. We thought it would be fun to see what Shopper Army members had to say by asking them for their honest opinions, both pro and con. And in two days, we received more than 200 takes on the five new products I selected for the first Kim’s Corner. I also will share some of their responses.  In the end, the winners will be decided in our large annual survey of shoppers who actually have tried the products. I will […]


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Welcome to the Shopper Army Chatbox

نموذج تقييم خيار ثنائي Oct 09, 2015 by BrandSpark

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opzioni binarie rollover Mark Saffran Research & Operations Specialist, Shopper Army We here at Shopper Army HQ are constantly striving to connect brands and consumers in new and exciting ways. From turning dreary one-sided focus groups into dynamic Rendezvous Missions, we believe that both parties can gain a deeper insight into the other through engaging in a direct dialogue. That’s why we’ve created CHATBOX. Every time we speak we’ll be bringing you responses from real Shopper Army members across North America to your questions, as well as bringing to you the burning questions that consumers have on their minds.     Now it’s your turn! Want to reply to one of these questions? Please click here to respond directly to the Shopper Army with your thoughts. Of course, CHATBOX is a two way street and you can ask your very own questions. Ask your question in the survey and we’ll include the shoppers’ responses in the next CHATBOX. fabio longo opzioni binarie migliori trader

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Even Great New Products Need Time To Find Their Market (USA)

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Online No Prescription Oct 09, 2015 by BrandSpark

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kosten binaire opties   Philip Scrutton Director, Consumer Insight   Products may come out of the chute as Best New Product Award winners, but their second and third years can be when marketers turn these hit innovations into long-term strong contributors to the top and bottom lines. As innovation becomes increasingly important to achieving meaningful product and brand differentiation, and to maintaining price margins in the face of intense competition, the product life cycle is moving faster than ever. While brands are successfully introducing many consumer-resonant innovations (such as the 2015 Best New Product Awards [BNPA] winners), it is more difficult to find the resources to continue to give them the marketing support they need as they head into their second and third years of existence. Yet all but the biggest blockbuster products head into their second year with a majority of category shoppers who simply aren’t aware of the product yet. At just this approximate point in their cycle, the average BNPA finalist saw just 34 percent of its’ category shoppers aware of the product. This means that even a strong set of innovative products – most of them hand-picked by brands or the BNPA team as those with a good shot […]

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