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Press Release: Ontario consumers prefer traditional print flyers to online version by a significant margin: survey

TORONTO, ON (November 18, 2014) – A new survey commissioned by Metroland Media suggests that significant majority of Ontario consumers (97% of those surveyed) continue to rely on flyers for making purchasing decisions.  The study, produced by BrandSpark International, also indicated that, despite many marketers feeling pressure to move to digital advertising and online flyer options, many consumers still look to print for information about shopping, even among younger demographics.

The consumers who participated in the online survey read grocery, mass merchant and drug store flyers on a regular basis and said that they consider print flyers more valuable than online or email by a significant margin.

“Despite the trend toward online forms of advertising and marketing to consumers, we heard directly from Ontario consumers that they rely on print flyers more than any other medium when looking for deals, gift ideas and making a purchase,” said Ian Oliver, President of Metroland Media. “The value in print flyer advertising is real and the research indicates that many consumers view print flyers as indispensable.”


Highlights from the Ontario consumers surveyed include:

  • 97% read flyers (only 3% report ‘never’ reading flyers)
  • 94% of grocery consumers and 88% of mass merchant consumers read flyers
  • 73% of consumers use flyers to learn about new products
  • Consumers spend more time reading print flyers compared to online and email flyers


Maximizing value and understanding product landscape

Print flyers remain strong as a source for identifying sales, maximizing value and finding new products. For example, survey results suggest that consumers look to print flyer advertising significantly more than store websites to research information, including what deals are happening (3.3 times more), comparing price and value options (twice as much), researching the range of products available (1.6 times more) and researching which stores carry a product (1.6 times more).


Flyers drive web traffic and store visits

Consumers surveyed told Metroland that flyers allow them to discover new products. 71% of consumers surveyed say they are more likely to visit a retailer that sends them flyers.  Additionally, 72% say that flyers impact their purchase decisions, and more than half say that flyers are a valuable part of their life.  More than half (51%) have visited a store’s website after reading a flyer.

BrandSpark surveyed 1,814 retail shoppers living in Ontario, Canada between June 17th and June 27th, 2014. Calculated scores have a margin of error of ±2.3%, 19 times out of 20.


BrandSpark’s findings can also be seen in this infographic.


About Metroland Media Group Ltd.

Metroland Media Group Ltd. is a dynamic media company delivering vital business and community information to millions of readers across Ontario each week, with 113 newspapers, numerous websites, other specialty and monthly publications, consumer shows and distribution operations.


About BrandSpark International

BrandSpark International is a leading brand, marketing and product innovation research company. Its comprehensive and innovative research approach gets at the heart of how consumers think, why they act the way they do, and what clients need to do about it. With expertise in retail and leisure categories and an exclusive relationship with the Best New Product Awards, BrandSpark has a deep global perspective on the drivers of innovation unlike any other research company. For more information, visit

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