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Case Study 1

Ontario Wine Industry Rebrand


A growth in sales of imported wines in Ontario caused steep declines in market shares of local Ontario wines. The Wine Council of Ontario (association of Ontario wine producers) needed a solution to help turn around Ontario wine sales and help local producers fight off the influx of strong import brands.


A combination of quantitative, qualitative and facilitated strategic planning sessions was required to tackle this important issue for the Wine Council of Ontario. BrandSpark conducted a series of targeted research studies to identify the deep-seated needs of the wine consumer and paint a clear picture of the barriers associated with buying Ontario wines. BrandSpark lead strategic planning sessions that fused together facts from consumer research and stakeholder knowledge to guide the decisions that would follow.


A new brand positioning was launched for Ontario wines, emphasizing the benefits of local wines and its producers. This lead to a significant increase in market share vs. leading imported wines.

Case Study 2

New Beverage Creative Launch


A leading beverage company was ready to implement a campaign to launch a beverage that experienced great success in the US market. US creative was suggested as part of the launch plan, but the marketing team felt that the positioning and messaging would not resonate as well in Canada.The campaign needed to outperform the campaigns of key competitors in the category.


Leveraging BrandSpark’s creative optimization tools, a quantitative assessment of numerous concepts was conducted. BrandSpark leveraged its real-time testing methodology to not only measure the brand’s creative (variations of a final execution), but also test it against those of key competitors.


Modifications were made to the advertising that “turned consumers off” to ensure that it would resonate with the target and encourage competitive users to switch.
The product is part of a line that continues to grow in Canada.

Case Study 3

Can-Am Spyder: Concept to Launch


Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) – creators of the iconic Ski-Doo and Sea-Doo brands – had begun designing a new innovative three-wheeled on road vehicle concept that was part car, part motorcycle, and part power sport vehicle. It was early in the development process and they needed to make sure the market was big enough before investing more into the project. BRP Inc. required a research partner to infuse consumer insights throughout the next phases of innovation.


To better understand the team’s key hypotheses, BrandSpark initiated a session with design, marketing and engineering and completed a preliminary market assessment and concept validation. Through research, BrandSpark helped refine concept design and ergonomics, identified significant technology that needed to be developed to match consumers’ expectations (stability system etc.), and determined potential market size and broad consumer targets. In addition, BrandSpark initiated full consumer product trial/feedback and road clinics to evaluate actual product delivery.


A detailed business case was developed to secure full board approval and financial support to finalize development and invest in market launch. Sales matched or exceeded initial BrandSpark estimates and Can-Am Spyder is now bigger than established motorcycle brands such as Ducati and Victory.

Case Study 4

Product Marketing Spikes Traffic


Our client competes in the highly competitive short-term loan market. The industry was dominated by a few competitors that have been in the market for many years with well-established client relationships. Our client was seeking to penetrate this market with a highly differentiated and relevant product offering to steal share from market leaders and grow the category. The client needed to determine what features, benefits and price points it should bring to market in order to steal share from the market leader and expand the category.


BrandSpark designed and implemented a research plan to provide a deep understanding of how decisions are made in this category. The research study also utilized predictive analytics to model and test the client’s new product offering in a simulated competitive marketplace, providing decision-makers with the foundation and confidence on which to base important decisions. The study was also designed to identify the most relevant marketing messages with the highest potential of changing consumer behaviour (switch providers).


Outcome: BrandSpark presented a clear direction as to what features and benefits and at what price point the client should go to market with. BrandSpark also provided a clear outline of what messages should be communicated to encourage competitors’ consumers to switch.