Keeping up with the shopper

A conference and workshop on innovation & new product amplification

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On May 21st 2015 BrandSpark International hosted a conference that brought together industry leaders to share their perspectives on innovation and the best ways to launch new products. We are happy to share these insights with you.

Please see below to view the speaker videos and download a copy of the presentations.

With the influx of new products entering the market every year, marketers are constantly looking for new ways to help them innovate and improve the success rate of new product launches. Our Keeping Up with The Shopper Conference featured a number of industry experts who shared insights and best practices that you can put to use immediately.

Each presentation highlights practical tips and tricks, as well as research-based insights that you can leverage in your business.

What Canadian Shoppers Really Want: Insights from Canada’s Largest Shopper Study
Robert Levy | BrandSpark International

Robert Levy

President and CEO
BrandSpark International

Canadians are among the most engaged shoppers in the world, habitually on the hunt for value and quality. Most shopping behaviour is guided by critical needs including value, enjoyment, convenience, and health benefits. Many behaviours have become deep-set habits, like the use of shopping lists and scanning the supermarket flyers for big weekly specials, and yet the CPG path-to-purchase continues to evolve more quickly than ever.
Drawing insights from the 2015 BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study, a survey of over 60,000 Canadian shoppers from coast to coast, Robert will explore how Canadians are shopping for household products today, and what innovations are inspiring purchase. Watch Presentation
Growing Sales by tapping into the Psychology of New Product Adoption
Lucas Melbye | BrandSpark International

Lucas Melbye

Director, Consumer Insights
BrandSpark International

How well does your product’s positioning and messaging ‘fit’ with how consumers think? This presentation will focus on how aligning with a shoppers’ particular state-of-mind can improve the chances of them buying your product. Anchored in behavioural economics and social psychology, Lucas will share how marketers can tap into the minds’ of shoppers to nudge them to buy. Watch Presentation
Rethinking product launches: leverage shopper generated content for insights and amplification
Jay Sheldon | BrandSpark International

Jay Sheldon

VP, Shopper Army
BrandSpark International

Are you surrounding yourself with your customer? This presentation will discuss how building a sincere connection with the people using your product allows for the generation of truly meaningful content; which can help strengthen and refine your product launch strategy. Watch Presentation
Mobile Personas: what every marketer needs to know about leveraging mobile to connect with shoppers
Jed Schniederman | Tapped Mobile

Jed Schniederman

Co-Founder and President
Tapped Mobile

You will be the first to learn insights from the 2015 Annual Mobile Personas Study. Mobile is rapidly changing and so are the ways in which shoppers are leveraging it to make decisions along the path to purchase. Jed will take you through the mobile journey from the shopper perspective leveraging insights from this newly released study and Canadian case-studies of mobile marketing successes. Watch Presentation
Mobile Imperatives: a view from around the world
Michael Becker | mCordis

Michael Becker

Co-Founder, Managing Partner & North American CEO

Mobile is radically changing consumer behaviour. To maximize sales and minimize hurdles to purchase, retailers and brands must change their approach to reach a new generation of customers steeped in mobile lifestyle. This session is chalked full of insights and best practices for retailers and brands looking to create a seamless purchase journey for their shoppers. Watch Presentation
The Shopping Revolution: Are You Ready?
Vik Luthra |

Vik Luthra

Director, Commerce Strategy

Shopping as we know it is going through a revolution.  Fueled by a consumer that is empowered, ultra-connected and more demanding than ever, brands and retailers alike are being pushed to meet their desires and needs.  In a world full of options and diminishing brand loyalty, the consequence is loss of long-time customers.  In this presentation, we’ll show you how your brand can win in the shopping world of the future, through a comprehensive approach to influencing and incentivizing behaviours. Watch Presentation